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Shenzhen Flexible PCB Manufacturer

Flexible printed circuit boards, also called Flexible PCBs or Flex PCBs, derive their name for their ability to enable the circuitry to be designed to fit the electronic device or product, as opposed to building the device to conform to the circuit board. Flex boards are characterized by a distinctly patterned printed circuitry and component arrangement highlighted by a malleable base material.

  • Parameter Capability
  • Material PI/PET/PEM/FR-4

product Description

Advantages of Flexible PCB

Flexible printed circuit boards offer a number of potential benefits including:
• Saving Space. Flex PCB design requires only about 10 percent of the space and weight of an ordinary circuit board assembly, offering greater installation and packaging freedom. The inherent flexibility also permits tighter bend capabilities.
• Maximum Reliability. A flexible printed circuit board requires fewer interconnects, which in turn requires fewer contact crimps, connectors and solder joints. Simply put, a flexible PCB board does not contain as many potential sources for failure, which enhances their reliability.
• Enhanced Capabilities. The flexible printed circuits boards are compatible with virtually any type of connector or component and works well with options such as ZIP connectors. They also perform extremely well in extreme temperatures and offer superior resistance to radiation and chemicals.
• Cost Savings. Cost-saving advantages of Flexible PCBs include reduced material and packaging demands, lower parts replacement costs and assembly errors that could result in the need for repairs.

These benefits make flex PCBs ideally fit for a wide range of applications in industries such as Military, Transportation, Medical, Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace, Communications and Industrial.


Parameter Capability
Material PI/PET/PEM/FR-4
Layer Counts 1-40 layers
Board Thickness 0.1mm-0.2mm
Minimum Trace Width 0.075mm (3mil)
Copper Thickness 1-4OZ
Surface Finish OSP, ENIG

Delivery Time

Layer Quick Turn/ Usual Time Mass Production
2L 24hours /4 days 8-10 days
4L 48hours /5 days 10-12 days
6L 72hours /6 days 12-14 days
8L 72hours /7 days 16-18 days
10L 96hours /8 days 18-20 days
≥12L 96hours /10 days 18-20 days
If you need to customize PCBA, please contact us We will reply within 2 hours, and complete the quotation within 4 hours or less upon request.

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