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Shenzhen Electronic Multicolor PCB Factory

Welcome to Musatr Electronic Multicolor PCB Factory, where innovation meets precision manufacturing to create cutting-edge solutions for the electronics industry. With a focus on quality, reliability, and customization, we pride ourselves on delivering high-performance multicolor PCBs tailored to our clients' exact specifications.

  • Parameter Capability
  • Material FR-4

product Description

Green PCBs

  • Green PCBs consist of two main components: PP semi-solid sheet and Core board. The PP semi-solid sheet acts as an adhesive and insulating material, while the Core board is a high-density fiberboard with copper foil layers on both surfaces. These components form the basis of multilayer PCBs, providing mechanical strength and insulation.

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Parameter Capability
Material FR-4
Layer Counts 1-64 layers
Board Thickness 0.4mm-17.5mm
Color Black, White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple
Thickness Tolerance ( t≥0.8mm) ± 8%
Minimum laser hole 0.075mm (3mil)
Minimum Trace Width 0.075mm (3mil)
Mini Solder Mask Bridge 0.05mm
Minimum Drill Size 0.15 mm (6 mil)
Maximum Board Size 1150mm × 560mm
Surface Finish HASL,Immersion Gold,Immersion Tin,OSP,ENIG+OSP,Immersion Silver,ENEPIG,Gold Finger
Testing Methods In-Circuit Test (ICT), Flying probe test, Visual Inspection
Quality Standards  IPC-A-600F and MIL-STD-105D CHINA GB<4588>
Acceptable File Format ALL Gerber Files、POWERPCB、PROTEL、PADS2000、CAD、AUTOCAD、ORCAD、P-CAD、CAM-350、CAM2000 etc.

Various Purposes

Additionally, different colored PCBs are used for various purposes:
Red PCBs are commonly used in LED strips and power electronic products.
Yellow PCBs find applications in radio devices.
Green PCBs are prevalent in computer motherboards and graphics cards.
Blue PCBs are often seen in industrial control equipment.
Black PCBs are favored for high-end electronic products.
While the color of the PCB doesn't significantly affect its performance, it serves to distinguish different circuit boards and contributes to aesthetics. For instance, green PCBs are common due to their protective oxide layer formed after copper oxidation. Black PCBs are perceived as high-end products due to their appearance. The choice of PCB color depends on material, process, and application requirements.


Introduction to PCB Colors and Their Characteristics
The color of PCB boards is typically determined by the solder mask, rather than the material of the board itself. Common colors include red, yellow, green, blue, and black. However, each color of PCB board holds specific characteristics. During the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) process, where components are soldered onto the PCB, optical alignment and calibration are crucial. A green PCB base enhances instrument recognition during these processes.

Other Colored PCBs

Red PCBs: Composed of fiberglass and resin, also known as FR-4 red boards, commonly used for their visibility and aesthetic appeal.
Yellow PCBs: Similar to red PCBs, made from fiberglass and resin (FR-4 yellow boards), used for specific applications despite challenges in visibility.
Blue PCBs: Offer good contrast for silk screening, providing aesthetic appeal and visibility, especially suitable for applications like LCDs.
Black PCBs: Feature superior oxidation and UV resistance, excellent for high-end products, with enhanced heat dissipation properties.
In addition to these colors, white, purple, matte, and even flower colors are available for PCBs, each with its unique characteristics and applications. While green PCBs are most prevalent due to mature production processes and environmental considerations, the choice of color is ultimately determined by specific needs and preferences.
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  • In summary, the dominance of green PCBs is attributed to their cost-effectiveness, machine recognition capabilities, environmental friendliness, and minimal eye strain. Each color serves different applications and design preferences, contributing to the versatility and functionality of PCBs in various industries.

PCB Production Process

If you need to customize PCBA, please contact us We will reply within 2 hours, and complete the quotation within 4 hours or less upon request.

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