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OEM Electronic Multilayer PCB Factory

Multilayer PCBs are normal electrical boards that consist of two or more inner layers with a compact design, multiple functions, lightweight production, durability, and flexibility for a wide range of industries, including consumer electronics, telecommunications, defense and military, etc.

  • Parameter Capability
  • Material FR-4

product Description

Product description

1.Reduced form factor: Multilayer PCBs have used evolving manufacturing processing and advanced design rules to reduce the size of the boards with maintaining the same functionalities. Multilayer PCBs are also used in smartphones and electronic gadgets that require small size, and hence they are easily adapted for the growing demand for electronic wearables.
2.Advanced manufacturing techniques to result in lightweight boards: These multilayer printed circuit boards are manufactured to achieve less weight and can be used in wearable smart devices. One of the highlighted reasons for the reduction in weight is the elimination of multiple connectors required to interlink separate double-sided PCBs of a multilayered design. 
3.Production of multifunctionality board with high quality: There is a tremendous amount of work done in the design and manufacturing process to offer multifunctionality in the small form factor printed circuit board. To be used in smartphones, they possess several functionalities which are usually not offered by a single-layer board due to its limitations. 
4.More durability and flexibility for long-term use: This kind of printed circuit board is designed to withstand more weight and is also able to handle the heat and pressure used to bind the layers together. Also, they provide flexibility to be tweaked according to the applications and do not require a complete re-design.
5.Single connection point: Multilayer PCBs are designed to work on a single connection point than the multiple connection points required to use multiple single-layer PCBs.


Parameter Capability
Material FR-4
Layer Counts 1-64 layers
Board Thickness 0.4mm-17.5mm
Board Outline Tolerance ±0.15mm
Thickness Tolerance ( t≥0.8mm) ± 8%
Thickness Tolerance( t<0.8mm) ±10%
Minimum Drilling Hole (Mechanical) 0.15mm
Impedance Control Tolerance ±10%
Minimum laser hole 0.075mm (3mil)
Minimum Trace Width 0.075mm (3mil)
Mini Solder Mask Bridge 0.05mm
Minimum Drill Size 0.15 mm (6 mil)
Maximum Board Size 1150mm × 560mm
Surface Finish HASL,Immersion Gold,Immersion Tin,OSP,ENIG+OSP,Immersion Silver,ENEPIG,Gold Finger
Testing Methods In-Circuit Test (ICT), Flying probe test, Visual Inspection
Turnaround Time Prototype: 24 hours to 3 days, Production: 1-2 weeks
Routing & Scoring V-groove (V-cut), Tab-routing (mouse bites), and individual routing
Via-in-Pad Yes, filled and capped vias
Quality Standards  IPC-A-600F and MIL-STD-105D CHINA GB<4588>
Acceptable File Format ALL Gerber Files、POWERPCB、PROTEL、PADS2000、CAD、AUTOCAD、ORCAD、P-CAD、CAM-350、CAM2000 etc.
If you need to customize PCBA, please contact us We will reply within 2 hours, and complete the quotation within 4 hours or less upon request.

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