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Mustar Other PCBA Supply And Pcba Manufacturer With Gerber And BOM Files In Shenzhen

There is no doubt that printed circuit board assembly plays a vital role in the production of electronic devices. The functionality of most devices depends on printed circuit boards. PCBA electronics is a wide field that deals majorly with the assembly of PCBs. Electronic manufacturers mount electronic components on circuit boards.

  • Type Other PCBA
  • Copper Thickness 0.5-4 oz

product Description

Product description

  • A PCB features electronic components on the path for the flow of electrical charge. Some contract electronics companies provide PCBA services. PCBA electronics has continued to experience development in recent years.
  • 12 (1)uxd


Type Other PCBA
Classification Industrial Control Motherboard
Copper Thickness 0.5-4 oz
Workmanship SMT+DIP+soldering techniques
Testing Service AOI X-Ray Function Test
Surface Finish HASL,Immersion Gold,Immersion Tin, OSP, ENIG+OSP,Immersion Silver,ENEPIG,Gold Finger
Board Thickness 0.4-12mm
Layer 1-64 Layers
Components type BGA, uBGA, QFN, POP, smallest size 01005/0201
Certificate RoHS/ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO13485
Max. Panel Size 1150mm × 560mm
Material FR4, (High Tg FR4,General Tg FR4,Middle Tg FR4),Lead-Free Solder Sheet,Halogen Free FR4, Ceramic Filling Material,PI Material,BT
Files Requested Gerber File, Bom List

product Features

A PCB is a foundational material for PCBA electronics. When all electrical components are on a PCB, it is PCBA electronics. This electronics features all the electrical components a board needs to function well. Therefore, PCBA electronics is the process of assembling components on a printed circuit board. Some contract electronics provide PCB assembly.
In the electronics world, PCBA electronics is a challenging aspect. Irrespective of the size of the device you are using, you will find a PCBA. Every single electronic component of a PCBA serves its function. Each of these components plays a significant role in the functionality of a device.
If you have other related industry PCBA needs, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will serve you.

Supply Ability

Supply Ability 2000000 Piece/Pieces per Month


  • 12 (2)8gq
  • PCBs have a predefined metallic path to enable the flow of electricity. However, the assembly of printed circuit boards plays a vital role. PCBA electronics deals with how electronic components are mounted on a circuit board. While a PCB can’t function well, PCBA is a functional board. PCB can’t function since it has no electrical components in place. In PCBA contract electronics, all electrical components are already in place.
If you need to customize PCBA, please contact us We will reply within 2 hours, and complete the quotation within 4 hours or less upon request.

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